About David England


I’m an artist first and foremost.

After all these years (I was born in 1954) I can say that, without feeling dishonest, because it’s what I do when I get up in the morning!

I was born in the West Midlands – the heart of the industrial revolution and all my family were chainmakers and nailmakers.
My favourite medium has always been the pencil. Even after years of hand-printing greeting cards and then carving stone into nice things for galleries I have to come back to my graphite friend for long term happiness.

I live in Herefordshire. Hereford is a bit like Shropshire in that it’s an area not many people in the UK could point towards, let alone the rest of the world.

As an artist I’ve had a few big shows that I would earmark as peaks in my secret career.



An Alchemy of Stone‘ Installation, Hereford 2013. Stone carvings in a willow cage, three-dimensional drawings and pencil drawings with text suspended on muslin sheets. Wall drawings and recorded soundscape. A prequel to Mig Dante.


‘Just go straight on’ an installation at Hereford Museum/Art gallery 2003 with Christine Watkins and Richard Urbanski. Celebrating the life and work of Alfred Watkins.



‘Messengers’ Installation at MOMA Machynlleth, Powys 1993.               3000 pieces of bamboo, seventy pieces of original artwork and a pre-recorded sound-scape. It was about the world of angels.