About Mig Dante




Mig is about fifteen years old.
He lives with his Aunt and Uncle on the outskirts of a town in one of the more rural parts of the UK.
His Mom and Dad died before his teens came along. He would have liked to share with them the things that he’s into right now and some of the¬†fears he has too. But Elsie and Ted are good people and they all get on well together.
The way that Stonereading came into his life is possibly to do with eating dairy products too late at night. One minute he was trying to work out what the whole ‘life’ thing was about for himself and the next day he’s fine-tuning the fabric of the planet.
Summoning the angel Raguel wasn’t something he’d seen coming.
It’s not as though Mig will take anything that people tell him onboard without questioning the facts – teenagers can be like that.
But when you get taken back in time to some temple out in the desert that no history book will tell you about because it’s been eroded away into sand for ten thousand years, then ….. seeing is believing, right?