About Stonereading




SILICON is the eighth most common element in the Galaxy.
It is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust.
This makes our planet a huge storage device.
It’s a hard-drive for holding all kinds of data about the history of this world.
The most interesting data comes in the form of memories, thoughts and feelings created by every living creature that ever existed.
The memories are stored by touch.
They are also retrieved by touch.
Stonereading is a skill that has dwindled over countless millennia.
Mig Dante discovers that he can read data and memories.

Stonereading celebrates the beings that left the memories as well as those who were, and still are, witness to the recall of those memories – either by design or accident.

 If you want to read more about ‘Stonereading’ and’Memory data’ then click here or use the Facebook pages links under ‘posts’ on the sidebar of this site. ‘Notes’ consists of essays on various aspects of the storyline.


 ‘an alchemy of Stone’ collage from an installation at Hereford Museum in 2013. The exhibition explored the Stonereading theory and more imagery can be found on the ‘About David England’ page.