About the story




‘Mig Dante – Stonereader’ is a seventy-five-page graphic novel in colour.

If you woke up to find an angelic being in your bedroom and it asked you to help save the world….what would you say?
Mig is a teenager living with his Aunt and Uncle on the outskirts of a small town somewhere in rural England.
One night Mig wakes up to find he has inadvertently summoned the angel Raguel, who tells him that the planet is one huge hard drive.

Twenty-five percent of the Earth’s fabric is silicon and so the stone and minerals act as a storage device for all kinds of data. The bulk of this data holds personal memories and the true history of our world. Some data is like an operating system, and it can be corrupted.

Mig finds out that he can read this data.

Rag takes Mig on a short tour of places that hold data relevant to the well-being of our planet. These are stone monuments or bedrock – often in the past. He transports Mig back and forwards in time to learn invocations (the Vokes), from angels, who instruct him how to perform them in meticulous detail. In this way the “software” can be re-booted, restoring a state of well-being to our planet when needed.

All angels are not golden-winged messengers. Those he meets, like Raguel himself, are wonderfully varied and often strange.

Then there are the fallen angels: Demons who are attracted by the use of vokes and data-reading. Mig has several encounters with these darker forces and needs to learn more physically aggressive skills, for the sake of his health.

He thought that saving his planet would be a challenge, until he met his first demon, and a villain who hides himself in the past with evil intent. Possibly even world-domination.

‘Mig Dante – Stonereader’ has the heady mix of otherworldly intervention, arcane treasure-seeking time –travel, a couple of good fights and ……. a really big owl.